Mine Safety

Mine Safety

Mining is one of the nation’s most dangerous jobs. Since 1900, 104,722 Americans have died in coal mining accidents (23,608 in non-coal sectors) while hundreds of thousands have died from black lung, an incurable lung disease brought on by consistent inhalation of coal dust. The first federal mine safety law was passed in 1910, and the government has slowly added new laws every few decades since, usually in the wake of disaster. In 1977, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) was created to promulgate, monitor and enforce safety regulations.


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Cry Wolf Quotes

Mr. Ankeny, a former director of the Bureau of Mines, has made the statement publicly that passage of bills would not be expected to reduce the accident rate. Therefore, how can we, in logic or in good conscience, say that we are going to pass…a bill to improve the safety record, when two previous directors of the Bureau of Mines said that passage of laws would not reduce the accident rate?

W. Foster Mullins, Chief Mine Inspector for Virginia, Testimony, House Committee on Education and Labor.

Legislation cannot remedy the evils which result from the perversity of human nature.

Industry publication Coal Trade Bulletin.
09/15/1908 | Full Details | Law(s): Mine Safety Act of 1910

I’m scared that this provision will add a pretty significant cost. You’re going to see a lot of small guys just close up shop.

Bill K. Caylor, president of the Kentucky Coal association. International Herald Tribune.

Our production could be increased but we are severely hampered by overzealous Federal inspectors and voluminous and continually multiplying Federal laws and regulations.

Cloyd D. McDowell, president of the National Independent Coal Operators Association. Testimony, House Subcommittee on Labor Standards.


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The Mine Safety and Health Administration is the goverment agency responsible for the regulation of America's mines.