Industry groups

Industry groups


Hotel housekeepers are repeatedly injured on the job.

Cutting Back on Housekeepers' Heavy Lifting

August 02, 2011

Cry Wolf Quotes

In Armour & Co.’s business not one atom of any condemned animal or carcass finds its way, directly or indirectly, from any source, into any food product or food ingredient” [italics in original]. Every meat animal and every carcass slaughtered in the Union Stockyards, or in the stock yards at any of the markets of the United States, is carefully inspected by the United States Government.

J. Ogden Armour, president of Armour, a slaughterhouse and meatpacking company, Saturday Evening Post.

My father ran a crew of Hindus in 1911 in the Salinas Valley in thinning and hoeing beets. Then Japanese. Then we followed with Filipinos. And then the Mexicans. The stoop [laborers], most of them are small or more agile than the ordinary anglo due to their build and the fact that they seem to have a stronger body for the job.

Mervyn Bailey, testimony From Sebastian Carmona et al. v. Division of Industrial Safety: Reply to Amicus Brief of Bud Antle.
07/29/1974 | Full Details | Law(s): Short-Handled Hoe Ban

It's seems like it's not good timing -- that we could be chasing business out of California. We definitely support employees and family issues and want to make sure we create a good working environment. However, putting California businesses at a competitive disadvantage compared to other states only means that business will go elsewhere.

Todd Willis, public policy director of the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. The Tri-Valley Herald

The bill produces no protection for legitimate industry trade secrets, the disclosure of which would not be necessary to protect health or the environment.

Robert Vogel, chief regulatory counsel of the Rohm and Haas Company.


Backgrounders & Briefs

The Short-Handled Hoe Hearings: 1973- 1975

In 1972, California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA) petitioned the Industrial Safety Board of California’s Division of Industrial Safety to prohibit the use of the 12-inch short-handled hoe. The hearing transcipts are online here.