Industry groups

Industry groups


Hotel housekeepers are repeatedly injured on the job.

Cutting Back on Housekeepers' Heavy Lifting

August 02, 2011

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The response from the community has been incredible. Our local leaders, our families, our friends, our neighbors; more than 80,000 concerned citizens want our Senators to understand the economic impact of these jobs and the valuable services we provide students and families every day.

Jon Kroehler, Senior Vice President of Sallie Mae.

We have been legislated to death.

James T. Hoyle, Secretary of the Manufacturers’ Association
05/19/1914 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

[This package of bills is] superfluous and entirely unnecessary and is a menace to our business.

Charles E. Abbott, representing the Wholesale Bakers’ Association. Only date available: 1913.
01/01/1913 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

There is no question but that this legislation would put Federal bureaucracy in complete control of the size, the weight, the pictorial matter, and the copy on every food package. I wonder if anyone has stopped to think that the idea of seeking Government authority in advance before making a vital business decision is absolutely inconsistent with some of our most fundamental and cherished American traditions….Unless I have been misinformed all these years, I have been under the impression that we are dedicated to the proposition that within reasonable limitations the American citizen is free to do as he pleases…

Lloyd Skinner, a small businessman and owner of a macaroni company, on behalf of the National Small Business Association. Testimony, Senate Committee on Commerce hearings "Fair Packaging and Labeling". April 28, 1965.


Backgrounders & Briefs

The Short-Handled Hoe Hearings: 1973- 1975

In 1972, California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA) petitioned the Industrial Safety Board of California’s Division of Industrial Safety to prohibit the use of the 12-inch short-handled hoe. The hearing transcipts are online here.