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The Real Agenda Behind Voter Suppression

October 05, 2011
Living Wage has brought good competition to Los Angeles International Airport

L.A.'s Living Wage Ordinance Isn't a Job Killer

September 21, 2011
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Darrel Issa’s Government Handover

January 05, 2011

Cry Wolf Quotes

The punitive taxes included in this budget will do nothing to stimulate the economy. Deficit reduction will come from reducing spending and tightening our belts much like private citizens must do. Government must stop living beyond its means and then raising taxes to justify the additional spending. As I write this, the Senate considers the plan. I can only hope the Members of the other body who support this largest tax increase in American history know in advance that they must explain to their constituents how taking more of their hard-earned money will help stop runaway budget deficits as spending continues to increase.

James T. Walsh (R-NY), Congressional Record.

Reject the phony Patients' Bill of Rights….We don't have to continue down the path of socialized medical care, especially in America where free markets have provided so much for so many.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)
08/02/2001 | Full Details | Law(s): Patient Bill of Rights

The only ones who will see an increase in pay are some of the trial lawyers who bring the cases.

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) quoted in “How Dumb Are We? How long will women shoulder the blame for the pay gap?” in Slate.

This plan will not work. If it was to work, then I'd have to become a Democrat and believe that more taxes and bigger government is the answer and it's not what the president ran on during the campaign. President Clinton is much different than candidate Clinton and that's the frustration.

Rep. John Kasich (R-OH), CNN.