Vote for Paid Sick Leave

The Real Agenda Behind Voter Suppression

October 05, 2011
Living Wage has brought good competition to Los Angeles International Airport

L.A.'s Living Wage Ordinance Isn't a Job Killer

September 21, 2011
US Capitol building

Darrel Issa’s Government Handover

January 05, 2011

Cry Wolf Quotes

AB 606 singles out one industry and places additional requirements on employers in that industry.

Governor Schwarzenegger veto message.

The majority of San Francisco's Supervisors have no management experience or experience running large or small businesses. They have no concept of what it takes to manage and finance a business. They obviously think that money grows on trees and profit is sinful.

San Francisco Republican Party Chairman Mike DeNunzio.

These reports, of course, deal only with the surface exposure of Communist influence in the Negro movement. The actual extent and degree, while obviously substantial, remain unknown, for Congress has chosen to pretend that there is no such problem, even while methodically and relentlessly seeking to satisfy the demands of the very militant groups in which the Communist influence exists. Mr. President, the Nation, and even the Congress, once its hypnotic trance has passed, will find that in this bill are the seeds of destruction of a political system which has served its people better than has any other ever devised.

Strom Thurmond (D-SC)
06/18/1964 | Full Details | Law(s): Civil Rights Act of 1964

Come next year... we're going to find out whether we have higher deficits, we're going to find out whether we have a slower economy, we're going to find out what's going to happen to interest rates, and it's our bet that this is a job killer.

Rep. John Kasich (R-OH), GOP News Conference